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Multifunctional diesel generator

Jianneng Pinzhi has developed the third generation of super large current welding generator set, equipped with hd192f direct injection diesel engine independently developed by Keke, which can continuously provide super large welding current above 220a, making your welding efficiency higher and the scope of application wider. The company is developing super welding king, using double cylinder air-cooled diesel engine as power source, welding current up to 300A

Product features

One machine for two purposes

Welding, power generation two purposes, one machine in hand, two machines have.

Super welding

Equipped with Jianneng Pinzhi's powerful air-cooled, four stroke diesel engine, it can output and convert super strong welding current.

High conversion rate

All copper motor, F-class insulation, high conversion efficiency; Intelligent voltage regulation AVR has stable voltage and small distortion of voltage waveform.

Safety and fuel saving

Top clearance pump, low inertia injection system, superior to the safety of gasoline, so that you have a carefree enjoyment.

Convenient and fast

Light design, compact structure, four-wheel movement, convenient and fast.

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