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Silent diesel generator

Two stage silencing device, scientific air duct design, super sound absorption material, ensure the low noise of work, widely used in families, shops emergency use.

It can be matched with remote control, ATS automatic switching technology and overload protection, so that you can enjoy high quality life carefree.

Product features

Two stage silencing

Scientific shock absorption effect, two-stage muffler, air duct design and silencing device.

Strong momentum

They are equipped with Jianneng four stroke diesel engine, adopting top clearance oil pump and low inertia injection technology, with full combustion and strong power.

High conversion rate

All copper motor, F-class insulation, high conversion efficiency; Intelligent voltage regulation AVR, voltage stability, voltage waveform distortion is small.

Preheating device

Equipped with air preheating device, it is easy to start at low temperature.

Multiple options

Remote control technology, anytime, anywhere, arbitrary control.

ATS realizes fast and automatic switching between commercial power and diesel power. Bright is always with you.

Intelligent digital display control panel with overload, over-voltage, over-current and low oil pressure protection function, let you use worry free.

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